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Unlike most financial advisors, we are only paid by you, which translates into sound, objective financial advice that puts your interest first.

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We support a diverse array of clients with different backgrounds and professions. From engineers to entrepreneurs, our dynamic approach is tailored just for you. Although our fee is structured to serve a wide range of clients, our typical client has at least $1,500,000 in investable assets.

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Who is my advisor?
How is my advisor qualified?
What am I actually getting?
How is my advisor compensated?
Who is this structure best suited for?
How will my money be invested?
WJ Interests
Who is my advisor? You will be assigned a dedicated financial advisor who will work closely with you throughout your entire financial journey. If your primary advisor is not available, any WJ wealth advisor can assist you.
How is my advisor qualified? Our five CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals are held to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry. Our Portfolio Manager also holds a CFA designation.
What am I actually getting? You will receive personalized support and guidance through tailored planning advice, including comprehensive financial planning and professional investment management.
How is my advisor compensated? We are paid only by our clients through a transparent fee structure (Fee-Only). We do not accept commissions or pay for referrals.
Who is this structure best suited for? Someone who is looking for peace of mind knowing their advisor will serve in their best interest.
How will my money be invested? Your investment portfolio will be tailored and designed to meet your goals and objectives as outlined in your customized financial plan.
Big Investment Firms
Who is my advisor? Large firms often employ a team or "book of business" approach. This means that rather than having a single dedicated advisor, clients may interact with multiple advisors and support staff over time since employee turnover happens frequently.
How is my advisor qualified? Certifications depend on the firm but are not required. Some hold CFP® or CFA designations. Many are not fiduciaries.
What am I actually getting? Clients at larger firms might experience a more transactional relationship, where the focus is on managing a portfolio of clients rather than tailoring services to your unique needs and goals.
How is my advisor compensated? Varies, three type of compensation structures: (1) Fee-Only (paid only by client), (2) Fee-Based (paid by client and may receive add’l compensation for financial products) or (3) Commission (paid by products they sell)
Who is this structure best suited for? Someone that trusts an advisor to act in their best interest, regardless of how advisor is compensated or incentivized.
How will my money be invested? Large firms typically focus on “cookie cutter” investment solutions or products they can sell to generate more revenue for their firm, not always necessarily in the true best interest of the client.
Who is my advisor? Every decision, from investment choices to tax strategies, is self-taught and self-managed. This method relies heavily on personal research and knowledge.
How is my advisor qualified? Depends on experience of individual. A DIY approach to financial planning can often lead to unanswered questions due to a lack of access to qualified resources.
What am I actually getting? Limited to knowledge of the individual.
How is my advisor compensated? The cost to the individual is time and potential risk of making uninformed decisions that could impact long-term financial health.
Who is this structure best suited for? Someone with a passion and desire to constantly study financial markets and legislation pertaining to financial planning matters.
How will my money be invested? Typically will not have access to the lowest cost investment options or even access to most investment options due to investment minimums.
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