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What’s Going On with Egg Prices?

Brandon Arns February 02, 2023

Inflation has been an issue the last couple of years, but what particular good seems to be driving that inflation at ...

SECURE Act 2.0 Summary

Mateo Salmeron January 25, 2023

On December 23, 2022, Congress passed a new tax bill that will have a huge impact on Americans’ lives in the upcoming ...

The “When I Die” File: Making the Hard Stuff Easier

Mateo Salmeron August 30, 2022

Death is never an easy thing to prepare for or talk about. If you’re in the later stages in life, you may be wondering ...

Scarcity: Remember the Big Picture

Mateo Salmeron August 01, 2022

The current state of the economy was the hot topic in the first half of 2022. The rapidly rising inflation rate, the ...

June Inflation Recap

Brandon Arns July 14, 2022

You’ve probably noticed inflation came in especially hot this week. I’d like to share a quick article by Barry Ritholtz ...

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